Ride like the Vikings

”In silence and complete harmony we will share paths and space with some of the most magnificent animals on our planet.”

Duration: 4,5 hours

Price: 1500 sek, include local produced picknick

The Icelandic horse has stayed the same since the Norse first put their foot on Iceland.
For a good reason. No other horse can match the Icelandic horse when exploring this type of heavy terrain. Their size and carribility together with their incredible mentality makes it easy to understand why they were the choice of our ancestors – the Vikings, who brought the horse to Iceland over 1.000 years ago.

Karolina is the owner and also one of the guides. She lives for the horses. Her passion is to give what she gets from the icelandice horses and nature.
  • With experienced guides you will enter the wild, silence and mystical forest of Sweden on horseback.
  • Learn more about the Icelandic horse, nature and Swedish wild animals.
  • Feel this strong, yet agile and secure horse, effortlessly cruising in the famous gait – tölt, trough enchanting scenery with nothing on your schedule other than being in the presence.
  • No riding experience is nessecery.

How would you feel standing eye to eye with the Swedish King – the moose?

Well, if we keep quiet enough, there is a chance we will.

This area of Sweden inhabits the largest brown bear population per square mile in Europe. Can you imagine the sensation of euphoria and adrenaline when finding fresh pawprints on our path?

Fresh pawprints from a brown bear. We had some guests from Germany this day. ” I have never been this close by nature and wildlife before. I can´t fined words for this experience, you just have to be in it to understand what im trying to say ” (Gilbert 58 age)

The shy lynx, the rare and mythical wolverine, the roedeers, squirrels, capercaillie, hares, foxes, martens and all the other residents of the forest will for sure make the trip worth your while.
Taste the pure magic of Swedish wilderness when your ride in the middle of it.

We meet up at the yard were the guides will match the right horse suitable for you.
Before we leave the yard we have an introduction to Sweden’s wildlife as well as practical guidelines on how we should act to increase our chances to encounter wild animals. This will include basic introduction to horseback riding.
All set and ready, we ride straight in to the deep forest and our adventure begins.
We will enjoy a break with a “Swedish wildlife fika” together with a breathtaking wiev or at a cozy forrest creek watching trout’s breaking surface.
We continue our excursion to discouver even more fauna.
Once we are back we tack off the horses and release them together to their pasture.
We hope you will return to civilization with much more knowledge and understanding about our nature and the icelandic horses.


  • Passionate local guides with trained eyes and sences for the wild surroundings, and many years working professional with horses
  • Include lokal produced lunch
  • Incurance
  • Riding helmet

When is best for a visit? All year. Everyday has its own history, and each season its charm.
To bring yourself: Comfortable outdoor clothes suitable for the current weather, long pants, hiking shoes
For who: For people with passion for the outdoor life.
Minimum age limit: 7 years
Small groups: Maximum 5 pers and no minimum limits.
Weight limit: 90 kg
Contact bookings And other questions: booking@halsingeridupplevelser.se or mobil Karro: 0735588558
Location: Ulva 445 82198 Rengsjö

  • An actual enviorment with wild animals is based on the terms and conditions of nature. There for we can not guarantee you an encounter.